Zya Mou continues to surge in growth!

Zya Mou has increased her listener fanbase on the Radio Airplay and Jango networks to over 24,000 new fans! And it’s little wonder that this has happened, considering Zya’s past with her history of creating techno bangers! Click the image below to see the achievement!



The results are clear from people gradually discovering Zya through her growing social media presence and also from recalling her amazing past work- it’s crazy to think we’re working with someone who opened the Chinese Olympics! Zya doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and it’s a good thing too- a repertoire like this deserves to be noticed in the spotlight!

If you wanna check out Zya’s music for yourself, we have a bonus EP of one of her latest works here, Shake The Ground! Get ready to dance… because once this one comes on you won’t be able to resist.

Or, if you’re extra interested and wanted to peruse a Spotify playlist of ALL her work, we also got you covered! Check it out!