Zya continues to build her fanbase!

Zya has achieved an incredible amount in such a short space of time. Since appearing on the music scene in 2000, she has recorded an impressive portfolio of great songs and is now one of China’s fast rising global stars.

Zya stageSince 2005, she has been one of the most played artists on the Chinese BAIDO network with over 1.5 Billion plays and growing. She was featured in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

Based now in Vancouver Canada, she is constantly touring and performing and gathering new fans at each occasion. With comparisons to Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand, Zya is fast becoming known as China’s answer to these great music icons.

Zya is already a household name in China and with the large expat Chinese communities around the world. The Chinese YOUTUBE equivalent “Baidu” has over 1.5 Billion plays of Zya’s music and growing. In late 2014, Zya signed and global distribution and publishing agreement with DJ Central Records. There are 4 new releases for Zya available on iTunes that the world can now enjoy. The releases are being promoted by DJ Central on the SONY owned “Orchard” platform. The tracks include ‘Baby Tell Me’, ‘Enchanted’, ‘Love and Peace’ and ‘I Do Not Like Love’. Her strong emotive vocals are complimented by world class production are now taking Zya into the western music markets.

Zya’s fame in China is clear, now on as a prominent Chinese/Canadian artist but her fame will continue to skyrocket with the release of her biggest hit to date, “Xin Zui”. The song “Xin Zui” became the theme song of the popular TV China drama “281 Letters”. The song’s passionate melody complimented with heartfelt lyrics became an overnight hit sensation across China. From then on, Zya has become one of the most prominently sought after Asian artists.

In 2005, her song “Xin Zui” was honoured as one of the Top 10 most requested Chinese artist pop songs and her first debut album has been on constant global radio air play ever since. Zya’s vocal talents are world class and with the market now hailing her as Chi na’s “Celine Dion” it will an incredible next decade as Zya now focuses her efforts on crossing over into the western pop music markets.

Check out her bio here and her music in iTunes below:

Zya Mou - Baby Tell Me

Baby Tell Me

Zya Mou - Enchanted


Zya Mou - Tears River

Tears River