ZHU drops a hypnotizing mix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’

The seductive feminine pop sounds of Lana Del Rey has caught the eye of mystical and magical producer, ZHU.

After the release of his groovy 6 track EP, Nightday, in April, ZHU has been taking the internet by storm and getting a tonne of airplay on Australian Radio!

His mix of West Coast by Lana Del Rey, the glam rock queen, is a ballsy move. Since it’s release earlier this year, it’s been mixed by multiple producers who take raw and edgy tones to the whimsical tune. But ZHU does a phenomenal job, replacing Del Rey’s dark and moody undertones of nostalgia with hypnotic house beats and a groovy and syncopated percussion beat. The funky base line is deep and pulsating, driving the track into a quirky new sound. The choppy vocals are scattered throughout the track and add to the disjointed element of the mix. The track gives you goose bumps with the way it reeks of euphoric beats and ooey, gooey, juicy sounds!

Have a listen and let it send shivers down your spine:

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source via Stony Roads