Wish they would? They did! 30k plays on Kay L’s latest hit!

Remember this slapper? We reported on its new release not long ago, and since then, some fun stuff has happened! Such as it reaching over 30k views, and still growing! At the time of writing it’s at 37,921 views, so we’re not far off 40k! It hasn’t been out very long, so you know it’s bound to be a viral hit in the making. You might even call it viral now!

The Spotify edition needs a bit of love though, fam. It’s pretty sick to see Kay L and Bobby Blastem breaking it down while listening to this new stellar hit, but the Spotify is there for whenever you need music on the go! Someone say hip hop road trip?! Spotify is perfect for it!

And of course, this track may just be the perfect fit for you and your tastes! The heavy beats, the unabashed lyrics and sick clout that this song exudes are all a complete package of sweet sweet street cred, and make for some of the best music that the duo have ever produced. The kickass duo of Kay L and Bobby Blastem are here to deliver, and then some. They’ve proven themselves a fearsome duo in the past, able to crank out some of the best music this scene has ever witnessed. But this time, they’ve struck gold for sure. You haven’t got much time to listen to it before it explodes in popularity! Get those sweet bragging rights while you can. “I was one of the first people to hear one of Kay L and Bobby Blastem’s greatest hits!”

Or maybe you don’t have time? After all, September 21st at The Big Four Building is tomorrow, and rumour has it that Kay L himself will be there…

And you didn’t hear this from us, but say that some awesome event was gonna go down with Kay L himself… when getting tickets, one might be able to use the code KAYL to save themselves some dough. But that’s just what we heard. Are you quick enough to get in last minute?!

(See you there!)

Kay L’s Facebook can be found HERE: www.facebook.com/thekayl

Speaking of Facebook, check out this teaser from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me!