Welcoming Simon Smithers to Blue Pie and DJ Central!

Today, we officially welcome Simon Smithers to our teams at Blue Pie Productions and DJ Central! These partner companies have both been able to rest easy with Simon acting as Producer and Director.

With 40 years’ experience across multiple media industries including Film, TV and digital media, Simon Smithers has been at the bleeding edge of technology adaption and industry practice.

Simon is the CEO and Founder of Indyfilm Pty Ltd. Simon’s film career started in 1981. He has worked on Australian, Hollywood, British and international co-productions as an assistant editor, sound editor and editor.  With extensive stints in broadcast television Simon evolved into a Camera Operator, Producer and Executive Producer developing and producing hundreds of hours of quality broadcast television having worked for all the Australian broadcasters and numerous large production houses. With extensive experience in digital media, Simon has worked for many of Australia’s leading digital broadcasters and media organisations.

Simon’s unique skill set straddles both broadcast and online media. With a technical and creative bent, he is ideally positioned to lead the team to deliver a world-leading industrial strength online broadcast experience, which provides an extremely high user experience.

Simon brings over 40 + years of experience to Planet Blue Pictures USA in his role as a producer and director. Simon is also a producer with DJ Central TV, Blue Pie Productions USA, and Looking For Bon. We are honoured to have Simon on the team, and today, we thank him for all the years he’s given to us so far, and the many years yet to come!