Welcoming Sara Cornish to Blue Pie and DJ Central!

Today we take the time to officially welcome Sara Cornish to our staff teams! Sara is the Design and Admin Specialist for Blue Pie and DJ Central. Working as an unpaid intern since the 6th of January 2020, she soon embraced a paid role at the company on the 15th of September 2020, and she hasn’t looked back. Many of our most successful albums, such as those from DL Down3r, feature album covers designed by Sara!

When a visual problem needs solving, Sara is there to help. Her duties include touching up and editing established images, as well as creating entirely new ones, for promotion, album covers, and other essential visual needs such as comp cards. These duties also extend into web design. Sara fixes the bios for our artists, to make sure all the information displayed is correct and that the webpages and links function properly.

Her skills are invaluable to our companies and the various endeavours we undertake within; whenever there is a need for a certain compilation album’s aesthetic to be nailed down just right, we can always rely on Sara to research the vibe needed and bring it into existence using her graphic design and artistic skills!

Sara is a driven and soulful individual, and is always keen to bring something that’s trapped in her mind to colourful life. Her creative influence is a true asset to our team whenever we need anything to do with visual design.

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