Welcoming Edmund Cotter to the DJ Central team!

Edmund Cotter has been working with the DJ Central and Blue Pie teams for over a year now, and it’s time to give him an official warm welcome! Edmund is our media manager, and has used his organisational skills to their full extent ever since he started here. He advanced to his current role in January 2019, and before that he worked as a standard content coder, organising messy content in backlogged catalogues.

From there, he advanced into a paid role, and has used his organisational skills and attention to detail to keep an enormous database of music and artists orderly and under control. He later transitioned into his current role of media manager, and continues to use his organisational skills to the fullest.

Edmund is responsible for the company’s media, including:

  • Managing social media profiles and maintaining relationships with their respective fanbases through hundreds of one-on-one conversations.
  • Organising spreadsheets of artist catalogues, tour dates, social media reach trends, and other complex data.
  • Putting his creative writing skills to work by writing and editing artist bios, new releases, technical manuals for new employees, and articles.
  • Planning with his team on how best to promote new music releases on social media.
  • Managing the promotion and social media of viral artists such as DL Down3r and building connections with them.
  • Catalogue organisation and uploading when required, per his previous role.
  • And many other miscellaneous tasks.

We’re glad to have Edmund on the team, and welcoming him into his role officially is an important day for him. We’re hoping to see him go far in this role.