Welcoming Anthony Milton to Blue Pie Records and DJ Central TV!

We take the time today to officially welcome Anthony Milton as the Radio and Playlist Manager for Blue Pie Records and DJ Central TV! With a strong background in practical, hands-on positions, he has learnt a wide variety of skills, attributes and knowledge, and this serves him well when working here and for our partner companies. A team player, Anthony is at his best cooperating in a group, however he prides himself in taking direction and being able to work autonomously. With excellent organisational skills and an enthusiastic motivated attitude in his arsenal, he has been consistently recognised by employers and school faculty for his creative mind and organisational skills – making him a natural fit for our team.

Currently, his duties include coding music to websites such as Songtradr and Symphonic, as well as reporting errors and organising songs and albums. Familiar with both the duties of uploading new content and organising old content, Anthony’s duties also extend to his role as the head of the radio promotion department, spreading our best tracks far and wide. His work is critical to our teams, and we would not have the same foothold that we do currently in the music industry without him.

Anthony is a versatile and methodical individual. His experience with manual labour and customer service make him a valuable part of a team that deals with complex data management issues daily, and his rational Modus Operandi is a core part of why our radio and content management run so smoothly.

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