Vivid Lights, Music & Ideas Festivals Hits Sydney Again

The Sydney Vivid Lights and Music Festival is running its 5th year and has already impressed hundreds of Sydneysiders! Until the end of this week, Sydney will be lit up like never before, showcasing many mesmerising and illuminating light installations and projections from the Australian innovative Creators, The Spinifex Group.

This festival is not only for the art lovers to embrace the illuminating beauty that Sydney has to offer but also for the music fans too! The festival will be holding many Aussie music events from the hypnotic techo beats of contemporary musicians like ‘Empire of the Sun’ to swoon-worthy alternative rock vibes of Cloud Control. The festival will also feature many Aussie performances and concerts from all sorts of genres including C.W. Stoneking, RiFF RaFF, Bobby Womack, Astral People, Karl Hyde and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Sydney and behold the brilliant creativity that Sydney has to offer. We know we are!

For more details on the upcoming events at the festival, check out the official site here