Vince Williams

Vince Williams Joins the team!

Vince Williams, founder of Jazz and Blues TV joins the team.

DJ Central welcomes Vince Williams to the team. Vince is the founder of Jazz & Blues TV in 2010, the result of a life-long passion for music a  technical understanding and appreciation of streaming video technologies, combined with over 20 year’s experience working both as a senior project manager and technical consultant for several major IT and Telecoms companies.

In 2013 Jazz and Blues TV formed a strategic alliance to develop the Jazz and Blues channel that Vince started via the global distribution, syndication and content license platform that DJ Central has developed.

As Vince says:

“ The worlds of Jazz, Blues, Dance and House Music cultures are blending and it was a logical partnership to develop. The music world is changing and the great cool and breezy elements of Jazz are being picked up and integrated to the global DJ communities from House to Club Music to Trance and Techno. You can hear the samples being used and this means opportunity for artists that embrace the new genre’s and formats being created. Jazz and Blues TV will be there working side by side DJ Central as we grow our audience over the next decade. “

Vince has been promoting live jazz/blues events in the UK since 2003, and has been an active and strident advocate of video as a promotional tool for Jazz/Blues musicians since 2006. He draws on an impressive network of industry contacts and combines an evidence-based understanding of modern music audiences, with a solid business background.

Vince holds a Masters in Project Management from the University of Portsmouth, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Birmingham City University. Vince works with the DJ Central global content and license teams to seek out new and exciting Jazz, Blues and Soul music for Jazz and Blues Central.

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The new TV show site will be launched in September 2013.

Press and Media releases will follow.