//VIDEO//Lee Bannon – Hyper/Eclipse

The West Coast producer Lee Bannon brings us a new vid for his track Hyper/Eclipse. This track makes out like it’s been salvaged from some lost unheard mix tape from the ’90s that was discarded in a box of VHS footage only to be found again decades later. The vid sticking to this approach seems like it was cut together in a warehouse from some old ravers VHS strands. The combined effect reveals an artist that seems very self aware of the process.

The seamless mix and crisp vocal samples are reminiscent of something like ‘Donuts’ by J Dilla, yet ‘Hyper/Eclipse’ manifests its own flavor. His recontextualization of ‘90s rave music chopped through jungle-inspired beats in this track reminds us what the era was all about. Check out the vid below or make your way to his soundcloud to dig a little deeper!

Are you dig’n the ’90s again?

is it too soon?

Did Bannon really recontextualize this track or did he just find it?

Source: Factmag, GvsB, Soundcloud