Wondering how to take twerking to the next level?  Basement Jaxx has you covered. The British duo have released their new track Never Say Never, with an accompanying film clip wherein a motorized butt is meticulously designed by a Japanese team in order to somehow prevent a decline in the art of dancing. Basement Jaxx is insinuating that we are looking into a future where this current wave of popularity in twerking has come and gone. They want it back.

The official TR3RK-BOT 0.1 press release suggests the product is ‘bringing dance back to mankind’.  It appears however, that we don’t actually know how this is actioned rather we watch the clip in anticipation of the two main creators having sex. It is all very tantalizing.

This mockumentary accompanies a fetching melody, featuring the creamy vocals of ETML.  The song will appear on the duo’s newest album ‘Junto’, due for release on August 25. Get your bot twerking just in case.