Top Three for Luicana!

It’s true!! Australia’s dance music princess is still royalty! 

It’s true!! Australia’s dance music princess is still royalty!  Luciana’s hot collaboration with Hardwell and Joey Dale has skyrocketed to number three on the Beatport charts and is still on the climb to number one.  The track features on Beatport and other forums increasingly as we witness the die-hard fans of all three artists join forces to make a splash in the house and dance music scene.  Arcadia features Luciana’s spunky vocals over a ripper dance floor anthem, and boy does she bring her A-game.

Luciana sets us an assignment for the day via her fb page:

“Your mission today (if you choose to accept it).. Download my new track. Play very LOUD, Dance till you drop.

Mission accepted.  However I might have to keep the dancing until after work…it could be an occupational health and safety hazard!!  For the moment though, a small head nod will do I’m sure.

Top 10 Luciana