Tomorrowland Theme Announced!

While the Splendour festival is getting all the festies excited down under, Tomorrowland is getting the festies excited up north, after announcing it’s theme earlier this week called “The Arising of Life”.

Now don’t fret, the theme isn’t as philosophical as you think…well maybe a tad, think of it more as a subjective theme. Anyway, as seen in the picture above, the festival has gone for a more fantasy-based theme with the deep yet popular proverb tagline: “Yesterday is History. Today is a Gift. Tomorrow is a Mystery.” If the theme set will be similar to that of last year’s gig, this one will be even more epic along with the headliners including Avicii, Armin van Buuren and David Guetta! Consider yourselves lucky ticketholders!

The festival has also promoted the theme through a tv commercial which you can view here.

So whether you’re swaying away at Splendour or moshing it up at Tomorrowland, one thing is certain. The world will be one big festival party in the last week of July! Bring. It. On.