TIESTO Club Life College Invasion Tour


The official aftermovie for Tiesto’s Club Life College Invasion Tour has been uploaded on Youtube via N9NFest channel. This has already happened back in December 5th of last year, but we now get to take a look at what it takes to be behind the scenes with Tiesto and the crew of the production company. I see in the video other great DJ artists such as ZEDD and ALLURE, and of cause we get to catch up with management teams and production crew members. We see what it takes to create a stage for such acts and how much stuff they need “that’s a lot of lights” one of the production team members says in the video.

This video is presented by The Big Room Group, Relentless Beats and Prime Social Group. Check out the video below and let us know what  you think would be awesome to be a DJ, and what you would want to share in a video? “We are sold out, that’s pretty f****** awesome” of cause I’m paraphrasing from management, but that is something everyone would want to know!