Tiesto Bags Out Daft Punk’s New Album

Richest international DJ, Tiesto, recently revealed that he’s not impressed with Daft Punk’s latest album “Random Access Memory”.

The 44-year-old told the The Huffington Post in a one-on-one interview that the hype surrounding the duo’s album is ‘over-hyped’,It got so much attention because it’s so different and it’s an attitude album,” he told the outlet. “It’s cool to like Daft Punk.” As for lead single Get Lucky: “Even if you’re not into the song, as soon as you hear [it], you see all the cool people go, ‘Oh yeah, this is cool, that’s my song,’ and they don’t really even enjoy it. I’m destroying them now…Sorry Daft Punk.”

Tiesto was also unimpressed with their previous album, Tron, reinforcing his statement that Daft Punk is popular due to the hype, not the music itself, “The Tron soundtrack wasn’t that great and this is not great either, but because it’s Daft Punk and they’re supposed to be cool and they had the amazing pyramid at Coachella a couple of years ago and the helmets — they’re fucking cool. But the music doesn’t deliver on the hype so much.”

Yikes! That’s two strikes for Daft Punk considering …. also thwarted their latest album as ‘rubbish’ in his review (which you can check out here). Despite the negative reviews, Daft Punk’s first release of the album “Get Lucky” is still rating well in the charts. So whether if it’s talent or hype with their latest album, the duo are doing something right.

What do you think of Daft Punk’s latest album? Do you rave it or hate it? Let us know below!

Source: www.inthemix.com.au/news