The new West Coast’s biggest anthem is here brought to you by LadyDice and Mr DL Down3r !

Down3r and LadyDice have teamed up again to bring us the hit new track “Throw It Up”. Hot off their latest “Suga Boom Boom” tour, the pair never cease to amaze as they continue to produce killer fresh new material. “Throw It Up” is the latest from this amazing duo and it certainly lives up to the hype. The dope beat creates a perfect base for Down3r and LadyDice as they spin their rhythmic poetry on the mic. This track is more than just another hip-hop track. This song is certainly the next big anthem for LA and San Francisco.

The video clip for the track is also exceptional. It was filmed in 9 locations and 6 different cities throughout California. This includes: San Diego, Orange County, Bakersfield and Dodger Stadium. It can’t be stressed enough that this music video is a must see.

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Throw It Up Video

As Josh Lakmaker from DJ Central stated:
“This track is huge for us. We are confident that it will be a massive hip-hop anthem, especially for the West Coast of America. Down3r and LadyDice have been producing some amazing music recently. We’re extremely excited about this new release and working this incredibly talented duo. This one is going to be the new athem for the west coast. Watch the video and see them at their best. We are sure their growing 500,000 + fan base will love this one. “

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