The DJ Central Newsletter is BACK for 2019!!

It’s been five years and we’re finally back and ready to roll! Edition 15 of the DJ Central newsletter just hit our email subscribers’ inboxes everywhere, and boy are we excited to be back and spreading the news again!

It’s been a busy few years but we’ve dusted ourselves off and are finally ready to bring you news on the musical names that you know and love. This newsletter in particular covers artists such as Amanyea, Sean Tizzle, and of course DL Down3r! In fact the positive quotes about Suga Boom Boom featured in the article were made before we made the #SugaBoomBoomReviews or #SugaBoomBoomCovers hashtags… they’re legit spontaneous praise! And seeing them gave us the idea of making the hashtags in the first place, fun fact! In case you’re out of the loop, we want your review of Suga Boom Boom with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomReviews, or, if you think you got the rap flow for it, your cover of Suga Boom Boom with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomCovers… the best reviews will have a chance to make it into articles like this and newsletters, and the best covers have a chance at being featured in DJ Central season six!!

The Newsletter is usually an exclusive bonus for email subscribers, but fret not- it eventually gets added to the newsletter archive! This edition is in the archive now, but if you want to read any future editions of the newsletter before anyone else does, all you have to do is subscribe to see them before they’re added to the archive, which will usually be some time after the newsletter is initially distributed. Get the early bird treatment!

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-The DJ Central Team