TGIF: Celebrate with Skrillex

A joint celebration can occur upon this hour as not only did the working week just end, but Skrillex hit 1 billion views on Youtube.

While the world does not need anymore proof that Sonny Moore- the rock band ‘From First To Last’s original singer, is doing well as a solo man. It is important to note, however, that these kind of numbers put him on the border of a being dubbed a  ‘pop superstar.’ He blows fellow EDM artists such as Avicii & Tiesto out of the water, and has surpassed artists like Adele & Pink in total views.

He tails Taylor Swift (1.3 billion) and Katy Perry (1.4 billion.)

Congrats Skrillex, safe to say you are no longer themost hated man in Dubstep!’

This track of his is certain to start your weekend with a bang! (No pun intended)