Not just a pretty face, our new host Pat is more than meets the eye! He lives the double life of a thrill seeker and a media student at UNSW. From skiing steep slopes in winter to swimming with sharks in summer, he’ll take on anything to get his adrenalin rush! Pat has not only had six years of TV host experience on SBS, but is also a budding musician himself, who knows his stuff when it comes to music.

Pat lives in Oatley NSW, right near but certainly NOT in the Shire. He is a media student at University of New South Wales and loves everything to do with production, on-screen and off-screen. There are not many places where you will see Pat without his camera in his hand. In winter Pat likes to ski the slopes and in summer he swims with the sharks, and is always looking for challenging environments and places to get his sports adrenalin rush.

Pat was born with a passion to entertain. He has hosted a show on SBS (not the porno shows unfortunately) for about six years now. He picked up the saxophone when he was six and has not stopped playing it since. Pat also likes to give guitar and the drums a beating every now and then too. Pat’s music has taken him all around the world, from Cuba, an awesome place where he developed his love of rum, cigars and the Cubo-African beats to the many clubs in Europe and Asia.

As Pat says:

“I enjoy all types of music and appreciate the talents of all music makers. Dubstep, chillwave and jazz are at the top of my list. You’ll find me on the floor of nightclubs getting my rave on for Knife Party, Skrillex and Nero but also immersing myself in the delights of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Opera House.”