Mitch Feltscheer is a Sydney-based actor and presenter who graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor in Creative Arts (International Studies) with a major in Drama and Performance.

In just a few short months, Mitch has established himself in the entertainment business as a consummate all-rounder. His background in theatre and improvisation has imbued him with a quick wit and infectious energy unseen in other actors, and his willingness to ask the tough questions – “Would Gandhi have been a Directioner?” – lends his writing style an endearing, tongue-in-cheek quality.

Mitch graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (International Studies) majoring in Drama and Performance. In his formative years as a performer, he established himself as a stalwart of amateur theatre productions. Last year, he set his sights on television and to that end, entered the Channel [V] Presenter Search. After several intensive rounds of celebrity interviews, impromptu pieces and on-the-spot music reviews, Mitch finished in the top 20 from over 6000 applicants. On the back of that experience, he teamed up with his fellow Channel [V] alumnus Sam Taunton to create the witty, topical and self-deprecating podcast ‘Consolation Prize’, while also contributing to the North Shore’s 99.3 FM.

Now, Mitch joins us as a host on DJ central, bringing with him all his experience as a presenter, his natural confidence and effortless charm.