Brian Lassiter


Brand and Sponsorship Director | ASIA and North America - DJ Central 
Business Development - Blue Pie Records USA 
CEO and Founder - Media World USA

Brian Lassiter was born in Queens, New York, and has over 30 + years of experience in Television, Music Marketing & Product Distribution. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the “Atlanta Rap and Hip Hop” music scene.

Brian began his career in the music industry at thirteen working as a musician and style setter for his musical piers. At the ripe old age of 15 he formed a 9-piece funk band that toured London, Scotland & Brussels. In high School he started experimenting with recording, Super 8mm photography & video production. From this early experience Brian was drawn to the world of entertainment and moved on to study Radio, TV & film at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

While at University he was fortunate to have been able to learn from some of the greats including filmaker Hailie Gerima. During this time with Haile he interned at radio station WHUR-FM and later joined the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) as a college student. After graduating from Howard University, he moved to Atlanta, GA to work at Burton-Campbell Advertising Inc.

Applying all of his new found knowledge he quickly developed a name for himself as a dedicated hard working professional. As a result of his efforts he was able to work ad campaigns for some of the USA’s most successful brands including: Wendy’s, National Bank Of Georgia, First Tennessee Bank & Scripto pens to name a few.

Brian was blessed with being mentored by one of the greatest record industry veterans “Mr Gene Burleson” and with Gene as his role model he soon moved to become his prodigy. This led to his development of a notable amount of experience in radio, promotions, marketing, production and distribution. From here the only was up as they say.

With all of his experience now under his belt, Brian branched out and in 1983 started a small recording studio called “Downstairs Productions”. This studio went on to record many of the first generation rap artists in the Atlanta metro area from 1983 to 1989. Many of whom are now icons in the business. Brian is working on the digitization of his old tape masters and will be releasing some incredible new digital re-masters from his catalogue from this heady period of the Atlanta music scene. The new records will be released in 2014.

Brian produced an incredible output of A grade highly successful charting records during this intense period including records for pioneering Atlanta rap artists Joe Cool, Triple Crush, Kid Finesse & DJ Fonzo. In 1986, it was time to start a record label. Brian started one of the first rap record labels in Atlanta called “World Premiere Records”, which distributed many groundbreaking singles by D-Rock & Swift C, NRG, Grandwizard J-1, Three the Hard Way. As the label grew it also fueled Brian’s promotion company and this lead to the very successful and critically acclaimed releases being marketed and promoted under Brians watchful for leading labels including Tuff City Records, Urban Rock Records, Wild Pitch Records ,Bustin’ Records to name just a few.
With having the energy of youth on his side and work ethic that never said no to doing business he branched out to consult with WSB-TV as a free-lance Audio Engineer & Camera Operator.

As Brian says: “ I was on a quest for knowledge and practical experience. I had an incredible hard work ethic instilled in me from my family and piers at an early age and I was never tired in those days and the industry was such an exciting place to be. Rap was exploding and I was right in the middle of it.”

In 1988 Brian won a local Emmy Award for sound recording for Monica Kaufman Close-ups TV show. In 1995 Brian decided it was time to sell the studio and with his new found wealth he set up a 90-store wholesale distribution network selling compact discs, vinyl, DVD’s, magazines & cassette tapes from In first year of operation sold over $200,000 worth of products COD – Cash on delivery. The distribution company had an incredible 10 year run from 1998 to 2008 with at least one major single and one album in the Billboard charts at any given time during this period. Many artist and their records were broken as a result of Brians efforts during this period.

During this time Brians production skills were in high demand. Brian and his team produced record radio & TV commercials for Coca-Cola, The Georgia Lottery, Mrs. Winners’ Fried Chicken, The Atlanta Football Classic & Visions USA as well as writing feature articles published in The Source, 4080, Beat Down, Murder Dog, Street Buzz, Inferno, Street Flava & featured in Black Enterprise magazine . Brian’s name is entrenched in 80’s, 90’s and now the millemnium Hip Hop Culture.

In 2008 after winding down the distribution business with the death of the CD, Brian decided he wanted to focus on his mentoring and business development skills to help emerging brands and labels to expand their businesses. He formed the company “MediaWorld” with the focus of working with new start up entertainment ventures that needed industry expertise. In the past 5 years Mediaworld clients have included: CTE (Young Jeezy), Big Oomp Records (DJ Unk), So Icey Entertainment (Gucci Mane, Waka Flacka Flame, Nicki Minaj), Strange Music (Tech N9ne, Kris Kaliko).

In 2011, Media World expanded to included consulting services for the global beverage industry.

As Brian says: “It was a logical association for me to make as I had been on point with the negotiation of over 50 + brand and endorsement deals over the past 20 years and I had a great understanding of the beverage industry through this experience. I was constantly being offered marketing contracts so instead of turning them down I say an opportunity to expand and set up the beverage consulting division within MediaWorld. Today we are working with many leading brands to help develop their go to market strategies and where there is a fit we attach entertainment industry products and or artists to the brands to help them grow their business. The beverage industry has always sponsored artists in the music business so it seem logical for us to establish this area within the company and it has been highly successful and growing.

MediaWorld is highly selective about the brands we work with. You have to be as there are just far too many companies that come and go. We have a proven capacity to ad value and we change our clients lives for the better. Its always exciting helping people to climb the mountains and to teach them about some of the old pathways to the top that are less risky and insure you get results. I just love building sales teams and making the companies all come to life and that has always been my passion.”

Brian is a pioneer and recognised in many industry bibles. He is often called upon to be a guest speaker at the events like “NARAS Music Conference” in Memphis and “Rap Sheet 11 Music Conference” to name a few. Brian brings over 30 years of brand and marketing sponsorship negotiation and placement skills to the table.

We are honoured to have Brian on the board as the Brand and License Director for DJ Central ASIA and DJ Central North America.

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Brian Lassiter
Brand and Sponsorship Director | ASIA and North America – DJ Central
Business Development – Blue Pie Records USA
CEO and Founder – Media World USA

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