Gabe is the Studio and Production Manager at Blue Pie Records, DJ Central Records, and Ordior. He favours disco, house, and pop, but is multidisciplinary and loves all music. He has worked under the alias of Apollo Sky, and has been making a name for himself at Blue Pie and DJ Central by remixing some of the most popular tracks on the catalogues, such as CB’s Fantasy, and all the hits from Key Loch, including their chilling cover of Frozen! Gabe often works very closely with Key Loch, and when he isn’t managing the studio and production, he’s working on the Blue Pie/DJ Central radio show/podcast with host MCs Mighty and Pyrite, or flexing his creativity with his excellent remix and remastering repertoire.

Gabe has a rich history in the industry, and has been a singer-songwriter producer and mastering engineer for over 30 years. Gabe was signed to the Australian Dance Label “Pro DJ International” in the late 90’s with his R & B Pop Group, “About Time”. Gabe then released his first single “Lies”, which went on to become a number one hit on the urban dance charts. He was then employed by his label to take on the role of head music producer/mastering engineer. From there, he continued to produce, remix and engineer a huge repertoire of recorded works under the Pro DJ, Ultra Violet and Mezzanine (UMA) Record Labels.

Gabe was then asked to work for Universal Music Australia, and so moved from Melbourne to Sydney to take on the role of Head Producer of the Hyperion dance/pop label. There, he continued to produce & engineer for many high profile artists from both Australia and across the world. It was at this time that he started his own music production company known as Millennium Productions, where he also continued to produce and engineer music and album compilations for many big movers and shakers in the industry. These included the likes of Global Recordings, Sony, EMI, Universal Music, Warner Records and Phoenix Records!
In 2005, Gabe co-founded IICONIC CREATIVE, a creative production company dedicated to producing music, events, film, and design, from which he continues to run to this day. In 2020, he also helped to create and establish the new live music and broadcast venue known as Livestreemer Tv. This network is a dedicated live music broadcast venue, with state-of-the-art sound, vision, and lighting. Livestreemer Tv have had the pleasure of broadcasting over 120 live music events to the world, featuring some incredible artists like Sony artist Timomatic, and many other high profile Australian and international artists! There’s just too many to mention…

Livestreemer Tv has garnered a reputation as being a world-class live production space, being featured on the ABC for its support of artists, production crews, and high quality live web streaming services. Gabe and his team are very proud of the talented staff that have contributed to the network’s success, and look forward to the future!

Today, Gabe acts as the associate producer/engineer and studio manager of both Blue Pie Records USA and DJ Central, and also assists Ordior with his talents. Gabe says it’s a pleasure to be writing, producing, remixing and engineering new musical works, and that he looks forward to collaborating with all the new and undiscovered future talent waiting in the wings. Hopefully… he’s talking about the budding artist reading this article right now!

Check out Gabe’s new website as well as his Discogs under Gabriel Rizza for some of his previous works!



With 40 years’ experience across multiple media industries including Film, TV and digital media, Simon Smithers has always been at the bleeding edge of technology adaption and industry practice.

Simon is the CEO and Founder of Indyfilm Pty Ltd, and his film career started in 1981. He has worked on Australian, Hollywood, British and international co-productions as an assistant editor, sound editor and editor. With extensive stints in broadcast television, Simon evolved into a Camera Operator, Producer and Executive Producer, developing and producing hundreds of hours of quality broadcast television, having worked for all the Australian broadcasters and numerous large production houses. This makes him an asset to a show like DJ Central TV, as we can be sure that all our established seasons, as well as any future ones that we produce, will be in good hands.

In the early 1990s whilst lecturing at Charles Sturt University, he was an early adopter of digital media production and pioneering the use of online learning and multimedia production for distance education. With extensive experience in digital media Simon has worked for many of Australia’s leading digital broadcasters and media organisations. This field of experience makes him invaluable to the DJ Central TV team in particular, as well as our partner Blue Pie.

Whilst working for News Limited (News Interactive) in the year 2000, he produced over 20 news packages a day with a staff of 6, winning awards for their coverage of the Sydney Olympics. During his tenure with News Limited, he developed the first Java pop up player with thumbnails, and a playlist that has become commonplace on the web today.

Post the tech-wreck in 2001 he moved back into Television producing drama, documentary and Television commercials. He ran his own Ad Agency, which produced 1000 TVC.

In 2007 he started as Senior Producer role at Network 10 digital producing behind-the-scenes content for ‘Good News week’, ‘So you Think you can Dance’, Recruits, ‘Masterchef’ and many more network properties. During his tenure at Ten Digital, he was tasked with reviewing all the major online media deliver and Content Management Systems (CMS) providers for a revamp of their online video platform, which became Tenplay.

In his role at Tv2go Simon has designed and managed the implementation of two iterations of various CMS and streaming systems, as well as the design and implementation of the multi-screen deliver system and mobile apps.

Simon’s unique skill set straddles both broadcast and online media. With a technical and creative bent, he is ideally positioned to lead the team to deliver an industrial strength online broadcast experience global pioneer, which provides an extremely high-value user experience. With him on our team, we can be sure that DJ Central viewers will always get the highest quality experience that they possibly can.

Simon brings over 40 + years of experience to Planet Blue Pictures USA in his role as a producer and director. Simon is also a producer with DJ Central TV, Blue Pie Productions USA, and Looking For Bon. We are honoured to have Simon on the team.


Liam Walker, like many of our current employees, rose through the ranks after starting as an unpaid intern. His current roles include managing and organising metadata, as well as organising the video production side of Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. Working alongside other vfx gurus like Kenny Everest, Liam manages and produces various video content, including filming, editing, posting, and managing content for the new Blue Pie gaming channel!

A 2019 graduate of the University of Wollongong, Liam has a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media (Arts). The Digital Media course allowed him to focus on filming and editing techniques. These have been utilised for filming his gym members as they competed in various tournaments. Additionally, his editing skills were greatly applied to YouTube gaming channels, as they supplied him with raw footage, which was used to make 10 – 15 minute videos.

In his spare time, Liam practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for short), and has been doing so for 15 months. He has also been practicing Boxing for 6 months, and is all about that fitness life. When he listens to music he prefers hip-hop/R&B with an emphasis on alternative & trap, alternative rock, and if he’s in the right mood for it, he enjoys 80s rock/pop.

Liam is a man with a diverse set of useful skills, which we at Blue Pie, Ordior, and DJ Central are very privileged to have at our disposal. Whether he’s managing the immense volume of musical content we put out on a daily basis or creating another innovative video, you can be sure that with him at the helm, the end product will be smooth and professional.