• Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Arts- Philosophy/International Relations
  • Bachelor of Law

Tina is the Global Legal Manager for Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. She is currently studying Law at the University of Wollongong, and she brings her background in the Arts and administration to our series of companies to enforce global copyright and recording laws on our behalf. Tina oversees Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior’s legal work for the film, video, music and publishing divisions, as well as managing all the current cases for our companies. As you can imagine, her set of skills are invaluable when managing both a catalogue of numerous artists and an entire TV series such as DJ Central TV!

Tina enjoys techno and house tracks- anything electronic and upbeat is up her alley! In her spare time Tina enjoys going to the gym, reading and doing yoga, and she has a keen interest in meditation. Tina’s enthusiasm and ambition make her an asset to the company, as she is dedicated to winning every case!


  • Qualifications:
  • Master of Professional Accounting 2018, Accounting – Holmes Institute, Sydney
  • Master of Business Administration 2020, Business – Holmes Institute, Sydney

Shruti is the Global Internal Accountant for Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. She has completed a double masters in Professional Accounting and Business Administration. She is a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional. She handles large-volume financial services, and specializes in preparing asset, liability, and capital account management and analysis. With her meticulous analytical mind as well as excellent computational skills, she performs precise auditing tasks, ensuring that financial transactions are accurately represented. She examines financial options through careful risk and benefit options.

She has always been enthusiastic toward accounting and business, which is evident in the fact that she completed two Postgraduates in Australia right after her undergraduate of Business Administration in Nepal. She started to work at an early age, and achieved lots of experience in accounting and bookkeeping: she started her career as an Admin Officer, then would eventually move on to work as an Accounts Assistant in a Law Firm in Auburn, NSW. She is now an Internal Accountant for Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. She engaged herself into securing a reliable profession that would allow her to progress in terms of skill development, and improvement through exposure to new inspirations for professional growth, as well as the growth of the company. As you can imagine, her set of skills are invaluable when managing both a catalogue of numerous artists and an entire TV series such as DJ Central TV!

Shruti comes from one of the loveliest places in the world, Nepal. From a hard-working family in Kathmandu, Shruti arrived in Australia with a dream to complete her master’s degree, and since then, she has achieved far more than just that. Shruti is a driven person with a pleasant demeanour and a friendly personality. Her hobbies are listening to music, watching Netflix, and enjoying nature. She likes to balance her professional and private life, and she enjoys her off-time spending quality time with her family and friends.


With a passion for music and entertainment running back to the tender age of 9, Sabrina started her career as a Social Media Manager, live music events producer, and press assistant in 2013. Since then her star has truly risen, and she’s spent much of her time on social media. She loves creating and developing digital content and strategies, and every day she lives to expand her horizons!

Previously working as a host for a radio station dedicated exclusively to children, Sabrina is a specialist with appealing to key markets. She has explored niche areas, and has had particular experience with this in 2015 by creating thematic party dedicated to the 90s music world. She acted as the artistic and executive producer of this party, and her adventures didn’t stop there.
She’s seen a lot of what the creative world has to offer, and boasts a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. She’s a go-getter and is always up for the challenges the industry throws her way. This set of unique skills, as well as her passion to seize every opportunity, are assets that our social media team can’t do without!


Gonzalo Cabrera is an enthusiastic young man, with a love for music acting as the wind beneath his wings. With a bachelor’s degree in public relations, he’s passionate about understanding the consumer, their needs, and what satisfies them.

Intimately familiar with life’s exciting avenues, Gonzalo loves playing soccer and cooking, and due to a family legacy, has a fascination with fine arts. If you borrowed his headphones, you could hear any number of things from tango to house, as well as rock, both indie and mainstream. He’s a man who has walked many roads in life, and his worldly knowledge is plain to see in the assets he brings to Blue Pie and DJ Central.
The skills he brings to our team in Latin America is unparalleled, and he can easily solve any challenges that are presented in a creative and effective way. As social media specialist, this mindset and worldview are invaluable tools to get a grip on any markets that may be lurking out in the wilds of the music world.
Gonzalo is an empathetic person who can understand and recognise the emotions of those he works with. He is proactive and has excellent skills in the fields of communication and marketing. We’re very glad to have him on the team!


Delfina Armendares
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Delfina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a passionate new age media, social media and communications strategist, with over 10 years of social media experience in developing new markets and communities. She is an asset to DJ Central’s social media team and helps us break new ground and find new effective methods every day!

In the past, she worked in advertising and production, and her main projects included: Youth Olympic Games, Olympic Broadcast Services, and the Warner Channel New Zealand. She enjoys creating the communication of brands, and helping them grow to their full potential. She has extensive knowledge in both the arts and music fields. Her preferred genres of music include 70’s Rock’n’Roll, EDM, Jazz, and blues. This has helped shape her experience towards all things social media, teaching her how to correctly and efficiently promote an artist. Identifying a client’s target audience and coming up with an effective marketing plan comes as second nature to this up-and-coming social media specialist!

Delfina is the Blue Pie Records USA Social Media Manager for Latin America. As part of her role, Defina manages and overseas a portfolio of social media profiles for DJ Central TV, Planet Blue Pictures USA, Blue Pie Records USA and Metal Central TV.


Katie Ashcraft has a long record of helping to position members of start-up roles, and assisting various organizations to grow. Before indulging her taste for the adrenaline-charged environment of smaller organizations, and establishing her own accounting/finance consulting firm, Books2Tax, Ms. Ashcraft enjoyed increasingly responsible positions at Bellsouth Corporation, Unisys Corporation and Hughes Aircraft Company.

Katie gets professionally involved in whatever it takes to assist in the development and execution of a business strategy, adding value, and providing the best financial and accounting services to companies from metropolitan Atlanta, GA to businesses headquartered outside of the United States. Her Modus Operandi is all about supporting and continuing growth while exceeding the internal and/or external customer needs of a firm. This is vital to an outfit like DJ Central, which primarily works in the TV industry and is all about giving the viewers what they want.

Involved in bettering her community wherever she has lived, Ms. Ashcraft is a devoted volunteer. A life-long equestrian, she has served in leadership capacities for the American Paint Horse Association and the Georgia Paint Horse Club. She is a life-time First Class Girl Scout and was selected as an ambassador from the state of North Carolina to the International Headquarters in Switzerland while in High School, and continued to serve for numerous years as a Troop Leader in the north Fulton County area.

Katie is a Charter Founding member and was Treasurer of Alpha Delta Pi at her University. She held past Board positions for in the UK, Blue Pie in Australia (the USA Entity) and Phoenix Rugby in Alpharetta, GA. She currently serves as Treasurer of the local Habitat for Humanity Towns/Union Counties, Inc. She holds a BSBA degree in Marketing from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, and an MBA degree from California State University-Fullerton, in Fullerton, CA. In addition, she is an Advanced Certified Pro Advisor for Intuit and holds PTIN certification/registration with IRS. With her wealth of experience, DJ Central is sure to avoid the pitfalls that doomed many other networks just like us.

As the external USA Accountant for Blue Pie Productions USA, ORDIOR, DJ Central TV and Metal Central TV, Katie works with the board to oversee and manage all accounting requirements and general reporting for the respective company boards. Katie is a valued team member and we look forward to continued success with financial wisdom and guidance.