Tamara Bubble has a bunch of new shows coming your way!

This June/July, get ready to watch the Brooklyn rap-star, Tamara Bubble, perform her outstanding live shows!

This June/July, get ready to watch the Brooklyn rap-star, Tamara Bubble, perform her outstanding live shows!

Touring her latest single, Cut the Check, Bubble is ready to bring her energetic and party-starting live shows to center stage. Her music blends elements of hip-hop, pop, groove and soul in her own sassy musical style. Inspired by queens of hip-hop such as Mary J Blige and Lena Horn, Bubble produces music from the heart, writing about love and emotions. Her lyrics are to the point and don’t hold back from saying what needs to be said.

Bubble’s genre defying music delivers raw vocals and heartfelt emotion. Her latest track, Cut the Check, explores these fundamental notions of bubble’s music practice and develops upon them. The track is basey and full of energetic rapping. The track is fast-paced and ready to get any party started. The chorus draws away from the intensity of rap and focuses more on the soul and groove style that highlights the softer side of Bubble. The catchy chorus is lyrical and simple, drawing out the essence of the track.  Bubble’s solo showcases her amazing vocals. Her musical talent is evident in her ranges of pitch and heart-warming vocals.

“Cut The Check’ captures Tamara’s phenomenal flow and witty punchlines. Equally, important, not only is Tamara an incredible rapper she also has a great singing voice as well. The buzz is growing, the anticipation is thrilling and the momentum is rising” –  Urban Buzz Factor

The latest video for the track, Cut The Check, is almost as phenomenal as the song itself! Showing Bubble in fine form, rocking her style on a pier and cruising around on a flash yacht, she evokes a sense of independence and takes control of the whole video. She is the star and the world is her playground.

Check out the gig list:

  • June 28 – I Grustle Music Conference, Atlanta, GA
  • June 29 – The Booth Showcase, Charlotte, NC
  • June 30 – Dollhouse Radio, New York NY
  • July 03 – Indie Beach Bash, Daytona Beach FL
  • July 26 – Love Fest, Annapolis, MD

International Hip Hop phenom Tamara Bubble is a head strong female rapper determined to leave an impact on the music game. The Brooklyn native is on a mission to prove that a female rapper can make great strides in the industry without the aid of major male co-signers.” CNN iReport


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