Talisco is Touring

Breakthrough artist Talisco is currently touring Germany and France, making a wave with his newly released compilation ‘Your Wish (Remixes)’.  

First arriving on the scene with his EP ‘My Home’, the French musician was noted for the experimental nature of what would have been described as pop or folk music but instead was an unusual, electronic marriage of both.  Inspired to create a sound that provokes vivid imagery and masters a mysterious quality,  Jérôme Amandi aka Talisco, is a modern sensation.

 “In the studio, I like to twist the sounds, manipulate them and put them through different compressors and old pre-amps, I mess around with them, try to work them to create my own sound canvases “

The next live performance is September 19th at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg Germany.  Visit http://www.taliscomusic.com/ for all tour details.