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Kanye West in Anchorman 2.. along with about a thousand other stars.

Behind the scenes footage of Anchorman: The legend Continues has emerged recently, and in it we found nothing less than an abundance of fame and stars.

Filming the sequel to one of the funniest films in history, it is expected that only the best, and the funniest, have their place within the new film. These expectations have been met, as not only have Kanye West, Tiny fey & Amy Poehler been confirmed, but big names including Kristen Wiig, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Kirsten Dunst, Liam Neeson, Nicole Kidman, John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch & Vince Vaughn we’re spotted at the set in Atlana.

That is one hell of a lineup, jussayin’

Smiths Unite for Dance song “Find You Somewhere”


Will Smith‘s 19-year-old son , Trey (a.k.a AcE) features his famous siblings – Jaden, 14, and Willow, 11 – in their new song Find You Somewhere.

The video was directed by mama, actress-singer Jada Pinkett Smith.

It opens with talk of text messages, moves into people dancing in the club, and features Jaden rapping and Willow showing off her ballet moves. The tempo is smooth, the rap verse is cool and the singing is soulful – yet its still a smooth chilling dance song that you can relax to. With some flashing lights, glow sticks, dancing and some featured from Jaden and Willow, the track seems to be a great Smith Family project.

What do you think of the Smith family video?