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Avicii Debuts New Album #True

Avicii’s album party launch last night at New Yorks Swanky Hotel only played seven of the artisits hotly anticipated ‘True’ album – many of which had already been heard thanks to the artists Promo Mix which was released last month. If its first track (Wake me Up) was any indication of the albums success, hitting #1 45 minutes after its release –  the EDM industry should be very excited.

This invite-only event packed the third floor of this New York city bar, with crowds of music lovers, record labels and good lookers. The Swedish DJ began his seven track selection with his collaboration with Salen Al Fakir playing the song “All My Life (Someone Like You)” which pleased the enormous, devoted crowd. He followed with his usual uplifting melodies including “Hey Brother Hey Sister” and “Addicted to You” with vocals from singer Audra Mae which is a show stopper to say the least.

True will be released on September 17.

source: inthemix



Avicii Reveals New Album #TRUE

Looks like someone is joining Robin #Thicke on the hashtag bandwagon…

Popular DJ, Avicii has just announced to Billboard that his new album titled #TRUE will be released for our aural pleasure on the 17th of September. The new album will feature many collaborations from other reknown artists including Nile Rodgers, Mac Davis and Mike Einziger–just to name a few.

The young musician admits that this album focuses on music that is essentially true to him: “This is about me being true to my sound but also to my own influences and musical preferences…the album consists 100-percent of songs I personally love. It’s true to me, true to my brand, true to Avicii.”

Avicii has already uploaded some previews of his tracks within the new album on his Soundcloud page.

DJ Central can’t wait to hear what one of our fave DJ’s has instore for us on his new album! Are you guys stoked? Or do you think he won’t live up to the glory of his previous albums? Let us know below!

Source: www.inthemix.com.au/news