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Girl Power! 10 Empowering Female Tracks

Today, it’s all about girl power at DJ Central!

To celebrate pedestrian.tv’s “Bachelorette of the Year”, we’ve created a list of our 10 empowering tracks for the girls across the globe. Some tracks you’ll also find on pedestrian’s own Girl Power track list which you can check out here.

But, we didn’t exactly agree with their list, so we thought of others tracks that would be better suited in our top 10. So, without further adieu, here’s the list for all the feisty females out there:

#10 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

You can’t turn down this classic! 20 years on and this hit track is still played on many current radio stations…and who can blame them? With it’s catchy, bubbly tune and relatable lyrics, this song can uplift any girl’s spirit!

#9 I Don’t Need A Man – PCD

The Spice Girls of today’s generation, The Pussycat Dolls released this track in 2007 and it immediately made it in the Top 10 on iTunes. Since then, many girls have been proud to live the single life after beating out this tune.

#8 Part Of Me – Katy Perry

This catchy track has been in the top 10 iTunes for many weeks last year. This was one of the few, if not, the only video that doesn’t follow the feminine and sexy elements that Katy Perry embodies. Instead, the video (which revolves around Perry joining the US Marine Corps) shows a strong and fearless side to Katy that we’ve never seen. This song and video proves to never understimate women, as even the most feminine woman hides a fearless warrior deep inside.

#7 Jojo – Leave (Get Out)

Remember this hit? Don’t let the teen fool you. She may be young but her strong lyrics pack a punch. Even the song title speaks for itself!

#6 U + Ur Hand – P!nk

Taking more of a rock edge, P!nk shows the girls how it’s done in this track when it comes to having a good night out…minus the seedy guys and cheesy pick-up lines.

#5 Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

If you blare this tune out loud, no-one will mess with you!

#4 Shakaya – Cinderella

Remember this ‘old but gold’ tune? This duo tells girls around the world in this song that you don’t need a prince or a fairytale ending to live ‘happily ever after’.

#3 Take A Bow – Rihanna

At number 3, Rihanna pushes her top hit ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ to the next level by telling knowing wher in this raw track.

# 2 Beyonce – Irreplaceable

Queen B takes second place with this hit tune. Unlike many other sappy post-breakup pop songs, B’s ‘number 1’ track has helped many women around the world feel desirable and in-control during the aftermath of the breakup stage – goodbye ice-cream binging!

#1 Survivor, Independent Woman & Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child

Ok, so we don’t have a single song for our number one, but how could we possibly choose? This trio are the epitome of ‘girl power’. Releasing hit after hit, these sassy girls have empowered many females from owning their ‘bootylicious’ body to surviving the traumatic post-break up stage and making it own their own as an ‘independent woman’. These girls even made the word ‘bootylicious’ an actual world in the dictionary (go check the dictionary yourself if you don’t believe us!) .

Source: www.pedestrian.tv/news




Best Tours of 2013 So Far

2013 has been a big year for Australia and music tours–Metallica, Blink 182, Avicci, The Prodigy and many other big musicians have made memorable nights for their Aussie fans. But have you ever wondered which gigs really blew it away down under this year?

Well, popular music website, FasterLouder, might answer the question with their countdown list for the ‘Best Tours of 2013 So Far’, which includes a variety of tours from the well-known old-school musicians to the popular new bands. Can you guess the Top 10? Let’s find out…

  • #20 The Killers
  • #19 Deftones
  • #18 Aerosmith
  • #17 Iggy And The Stooges
  • #16 Cat Power
  • #15 Against Me!
  • #14 The xx
  • #13 The Stone Roses
  • #12 Garbage
  • #11 Tool
  • #10 Black Sabbath
  • #9 Death Grips
  • #8 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
  • #7 Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • #6 Neil Young
  • #5 My Bloody Valentine
  • #4 Metallca
  • #3 Weezer
  • #2 Blink 182
  • #1 Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band

How did you guys go? Does the list make your Top 20? Let us know below!

For more details on the list, check out the source site below:

Source: www.fasterlouder.com.au/


Number 1 on TIME’s list of ‘Top 10 Fleeting Celebrities of 2012′

Psy kissing his award for Best Video at the MTV EMA's

Psy kissing his award for Best Video at the MTV EMA’s

Psy has been listed at the top of the ‘Top 10 Fleeting Celebrities of 2012‘ category by TIME magazine.

Each year, TIME magazine lists the bests and worsts in every division, including politics, economy, the arts, and media. Psy ranked #1 on the list of ‘Top 10 Fleeting Celebrities’, with a blurb that read,

Park Jae-sang is a 34-year-old South Korean who planned to study business before he began tinkering with music. On American shores he is better known as Psy, the rapper-songwriter-producer behind the monster hit “Gangnam Style.” The earworm beat and the distinctive horse-riding dance that Psy performs in the video combined to make the song a smash. Released in July, the viral sensation mocking Korean-pop clichés has racked up over 800 million views on YouTube, surpassing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video to become the most-viewed video of all time. The married father of two is the first Korean solo artist to have a top single in the U.S., and he is planning to record his next single in English. If it hits big, Psy may no longer be just a fleeting celebrity”

Psy is also one of the nominees of the TIME’s ‘Person of the Year 2012′.

Check out the other categories and nominees of ‘Top 10 of Everything of 2012′ here.