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Tomorrowland to announce…comic book?


The Tomorrowland team expanded on their brand name significantly when they introduced Tomorrowworld to us this year. Now, they are taking it one step further by releasing a comic book, starring Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas.

It will be a four issue series and will follow the duo as they battle various forces, all to keep creativity alive in the world. It sounds as if it is a little (maybe more than a little) symbolic of today’s real issues surrounding music’s conformity and saturation, particularly in the dance realm.

The first instalment will become available on July 17th, right in time for Tomorrowland!

Whether you are going to the festival or not, make sure you catch a read of this!

Source: www.dancingastronaut.com.au

Tomorrow World 29.03

TomorrowWorld 2013.. LOCATION REVEALED!

Fans of the Dance Music festival ‘Tomorrowland’ have held their breath waiting for it’s brother festival TomorrowWorld’s location to be announced.

Not only is the US lucky enough to Hold the ever popular Ultra Music festival in the country’s south, but it is now blessed with the honours of hosting the first ever international TomorrowWorld! Specifically, it will be located at Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia and will run for three days at the end of September this year.

We can only pray that the festival will be kind enough to travel down under in the near future!

Tomorrowland 2013 mixtape

What better than a warm-up mix to get you pumped for tomorrowland 2013? Successfully keeping the hype up, a pre-festival mix tape has been released just days after the official trailer dropped. Just when you stop dreaming about the festival.. something always comes up to keep the pre-Tomorrowland frenzy alive!

Have a listen:



Tomorrowland 14.03

Official trailer.. Tomorrowland 2013!


Tomorrowland has recently dropped the official pre-festival video for 2013- as if we aren’t already excited enough!  Now, with the introduction of TomorrowWorld- the Belgium festival’s travelling partner, fans from across the world are gearing up in hopes for the notorious event’s younger brother to be located at their front door, taking the worldwide frenzy to a new level. This clip only builds on the excitement surrounding the world’s best dance festival, check it out below!


Source: http://www.dancingastronaut.com/



Tomorrowland Sold Out! One Second Later…


If you ask someone, what is one festival in the world you’d like to go to one time, you’d find out that most people’s answers would be that of Tomorrowland. Unfortunate to most though, Tomorrowland this year sold out in an astonishing one second! Many people were put in a queue which allowed them to purchase the ticket up to a couple hours later.

Tomorrowland’s BIG International announcement! TomorrowWorld


Just after Tomorrowland announced that it had sold out in just one second, the creators of Tomorrowland have announced that they will be taking Tomorrowland international with a new fest called ‘TomorrowWorld.’

“Having the chance to organise a Tomorrowland outside of Belgium is more exciting than anything we ever dreamed of when we started years ago as young music lovers and entrepreneurs. This year it has become more and more of a reality. We see it as a fantastic and very unique opportunity; it will be an enormous challenge and a big step for our young, creative and vibrant team. We’re all very motivated and excited to begin this new chapter and create the same unique experience that we do in Belgium. We’re very happy we can finally give an alternative to the enormous amount of people from all over the world that want to visit our festival. We’ve found a beautiful location that feels like a second home, and it’s very similar to our fantastic terrain in Belgium. We will reveal all the details within the coming weeks.” – Manu & Michiel Beers, creators of Tomorrowland.”