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Krewella hosts coolest wedding ceremony ever!

At the Global Dub Festival 2014, in front of a sold out crowd, Krewella took a break in the middle of their set to bring together @theragecuople in holy matrimony. Yasmine became an ordained minister just for this occasion and brought the couple on stage for a brief but magical wedding ceremony. This was followed by an acoustic version of their track Human. This is quite fitting for the couple first dance together as man and wife, because for those of you who don’t know, Brittany and Gregg have had their engagement appear in the video for Human!

Krewella have played a huge role in bringing the two together, and now they have finally tied the knot. With what is unquestionably the most surreal way to get married, these guys have definitely reminded us all on how important great music can play in our lives.

They even managed to get the wedding video put together:

Source via: Your EDM