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So as I’m sitting in my room listening to Nova I hear about this great new style of music that is overtaking our airwaves!!

It seems the world of music, parody and mock ups have found a new YouTube fad to keep you wanting more! Goat Editions

Inspired by the oh so great Taylor Swift- I knew you were Trouble (Goat Edition) there is now a massive increase in variety from Nicki Minaj to Usher to Ke$ha to my favourite Bon Jovi.

Is it just me, or do our interests in what we find hilarious just keep getting zanier and zanier?!

If you can’t decide which you like best…here’s a little compilation for you!!

Goat Edition (3:46 absolute best!!!)

The Life of a Young Producer – Winner at the BMI Pop Awards 2012


A short documentary of Grammy Winner songwriter & producer Benny Blanco, the man behind so many hit songs from artists Rihanna (Diamonds), Taio Cruz (Dynamite), Ke$sha (Tik Tok) and Katy Perry (California Girls) – just to name a few. Each of these songs have reached number #1 on a billboard somewhere in the world, and they are all from one man.

Watch the video below to see the life of Benny, working with other artists, his views and creative styles on working on tracks, his thoughts of whats next, and how he works. Remember that he is still very young, aged only 24.  Let us know what you liked most of Benny Blanco? Maybe its the way he works, or maybe its his views on working with artists. This is also inspiring for young producers trying to make it out there so they can do this as a full time job.