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Sydney’s Top Indie Scenes

Anyone out there an Indie music fan? Well, Timeout has taken the “time” to explore some of Sydney’s best indie nights and here are there top 5 picks!

  • Mum:

With its variation in local line-ups ranging from electronic, indie, alternative, pop, rock and experimental fare this triple levelled venue has truly made a name for itself as one of the best in Kings Cross.

  • Girls Gone Mild:

Found jamminf away on Thursday’s at GoodGod Front Bar, FBi’s sister duo (Hannah and Eliza Rilley) start there nights on a gold mine of dance floor tracks that vary each week on specialised themes from ” The Warriors” to “Beat Street Bloc Party”. And the best thing about their gig? It’s totally FREE!!

  • Starfuckers:

Raving away from 3am till 6am at Clubb77 the most favoured indie nights at this venue comes in the form of “teen battleground” Starfuckers playing crazy beats courtesy of Mr Disorder, Hookie and Donnie Blood.

  • Hot Damn

Now here’s a location for one messy night as Hot Damn presents to you a mix of indie bands that get the dance floor packing with patrons buying cheap as drinks…a hard find nowadays in Sydney!

  • Slow Blow

Another little indie favourite at GoodGod Small club; this monthly event sees to it that every clubber is walking home with the rising of the sun as Dreamcatcher and Jungle Snake play irresistible beats that keep you wanting more.

Source: www.au.timeout.com

Pacha Has Arrived !

Champagne chilled, performers in full costume and make-up, red carpet laid and photographers waiting with their flashbulbs – this was the calm before the Pacha Sydney storm at 6.15 pm on Saturday night. Sydney’s sprawling social oasis ivy was bursting at the seams with curious creatives and music fans as they explored all 4 levels of this new epicentre of entertainment. The first of 3 nightly shows (Pacha Sydney features a new show each week with acts at 10pm, 11.30pm and 1am) whipped guests into a frenzy as an aerialist suspended four stories above the ground was twisting over a crew of futuristic dancers performing in front of an LED wall that shone down the entire scene.

Pacha was originally founded by Ricardo Urgell on the shores of the Spanish beach town Sitges in 1967. Since the opening of Pacha Ibiza in 1973, the island has attracted party enthusiasts and travellers alike from all over the globe. The Pacha brand has becoming widely iconic as an entertainment powerhouse on a global scale, having established presences in Ibiza, London, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Munich, Marrakech and Moscow.


Now Pacha has arrived in Sydney amongst a whirlwind of excitement and hype, its a world of  wicked romps through the dark alleys of the imagination. A world where impossible is not a word and the unexpected is exactly what to expect. A world where a concoction of theatrics, dance, music and light collide, resulting in a kaleidoscope of entertainment to both provoke and evoke the deepest emotions.  If you are intrigued, then check out this link here to buy tickets….Don’t miss out on this feast for the senses