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In 2001 Suseri was inspired to DJ when she was 19. She was influenced when she went to a Japanese Event called”experience addiction” which is a party held outdoors by the bush. A DJ called Shive performed a 14 hour set deep in the forest and during her experience watching him perform she thought that the DJ was amazing.

Since that time it was the end of an era for Japan’s psychedelic trance music scene which was breath taking back then. Suseri felt really lucky she experienced such event, because the DJ that performed inspired her and made her realize the power of expression that music can bring which was a life changing experience for her.

In 2007 she flew to Australia to perform, where she met three guys who were known as “Duesus X Machina” they enjoyed her music and was signed with the group. She started to perform regularly at a gig called “almost human” in Feb 2008. She felt that everything was going her way since her move to Australia and she never looked back since then.

She Performed in many major events such as; Earthcore, Maitreya, Winter Solstice 2010, Strawberry Fields 2010 and Rainbow Serpent.

You can check out her music by going on her soundcloud link which is, http://soundcloud.com/suseri

Here is one of her most downloaded songs!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/20897232″ iframe=”true” /]