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Psy is getting sick of “Gangnam Style”

Psy performing Gangnam Style at MTV EMA's 2012 Awards

Psy performing Gangnam Style at MTV EMA’s 2012 Awards.

Psy confessed that he was getting sick of the international song of his own “Gangnam Style“. He was recently in Singapore and during a press conference, he was reported to have said;

“There’s a lot of requests for me to dance the horse dance, so I’m honestly getting fed up with it. To be honest, I’m getting a bit sick of when I’m asked to teach people the ‘horse dance’. But I’m going to continue with my job”

His confessions had roused controversy because of his harsh words. However, he quickly explained himself, saying “I’ve never said that I was disgusted or fed up with it. I was just joking that it was tiring for me to get lesson requests all the time, but that it was a part of my job”. He explained that the words he had used were “I get tired” and “I get sick of it” but the translations had made the words into much harsher words. So lets hope that he will still be able to teach us all the “horse dance”.


NEWS about PSY performing in FUTURE MUSIC

Sunrise announces PSY’s arrival in Australia, not only that but they also announce that he will be performing @ FUTURE MUSIC! with his viral song “Gungnam Style” and a NEW SONG, that will be in english language

PSY’s Kangaroo Style

When being interviewed exclusively for the 7 Networks ‘Today Tonight program yesterday evening, PSY was questioned about the rumours around whether he nearly chose a Kangaroo style dance over the now infamous horse riding move. We were even lucky enough to score a sneak peak at his possible Kangaroo Style dance which could appear somewhere In the near future. Check out the video here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF4D1w4_4cc&w=560&h=315]