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Bluejuice robbing Bluejuice?? OMG!

Soundcloud has cracked down on the band Bluejuice,  for ripping off their own music.

‘Act Yr Age’ the lead single from their 2011 album Company has been removed from the band’s Soundcloud page as the streaming site’s automatic content detection system has discovered a potential copyright infringement. Apparently Bluejuice’s version of ‘Act Yr Age’ sounds suspiciously similar to a song also called ‘Act Yr Age’ by a band called Bluejuice. “That’s some fine detective work, Soundcloud,” the band scoffs on Facebook.

Where we’ll end up with much decontrol? Thank Good we have… Soundcloud!

Listen the plagiarized song:

Source Via fasterlouder.com.au

No more trolling for Deadmau5 as he releases new productions.

As Deadmau5 is notoriously known for his serial trolling via soundcloud with his infamous comments on big room sounds at the moment, he has also been very busy releasing more of the tracks he is famous for.

In the last two days, he’s uploaded multiple bootlegs including “Turbo CartPig Racer” and “Somewhere Up Here (fin)” which are to set a new standard for other DJs in the music industry.

This came after his troll response on the Swedish duo Daleri ‘Epic Mashleg’ release on beatport which had 16 drops in 54 seconds, ‘mau5 released a track ‘Drop Da Bomb’ as a parody of this duos success which got unexpected success from the public.

“It’s easy to show up with that one hit, but the problem is not stagnating in a pile of your own fucking shit,” he commented to Vibemagazine at the start of the year.

“That’s something I’m always aware of when starting a new project. If you’re not being diverse, people will get bored. I like Avicii, he’s a real nice kid, but Avicii has got this Levels thing, and I almost feel bad for him. It’s probably not even his fault. He did the track, and it was all right – it was catchy – but I, dead-fucking-mau5, cannot name another Avicii track. I shit you not. I can’t.”

source: inthemix