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Saturday Night Live delves into the mystical realm of EDM….and it is perfect!

Party-goers start to loose their minds, the Bass Drop is a never ending cycle of anxiety about when it will drop, the DJ doesn’t know how to DJ…. Sound familiar?

Well, the infamous Saturday Night Live comedy sketch crew, The Lonely Island have upheld their reputation for providing spot-on parodies and hilariously accurate depictions of the headcases to flood every stereotypes favourite scene. But this time, they turned the attention onto YOUR scene.

Yep that’s right, EDM was in the firing range for the latest sketch last night.

The latest addition to their Digital Short series turns the attention onto those punters of the EDM scene. The accurate parody shows an exact replica of a night out on the town, hitting the coolest of the cool clubs and introducing the fictitious superstar DJ Davvincii, one who seems absurdly similar to our favourite Swede.

Check out the sketch below and tell us if you think it’s an accurate recount of your nights out:

source via: THUMP