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Allo allo our beautiful people!

DJ Central is very happy to inform you that our second monthly poll will be up and running VERY soon…how exciting!!

This month we have picked out four DJ’s who have featured on our show and my Lord did they make it shine.

So give me a drum beat please ddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and our four lucky nominees areeee:



FLIGHT FACILITIES- thunderous applause

And last but not least

DJ HAVANA BROWN- that sexy little minx

Remember to pick your favourite’s and let us know who YOU want us to feature on the webpage


DJ Central is Sharing The Love!



DJ Central would like to give a big thanks to all those who contributed and sent in some awesome music videos to our show. We also like to give a big shout out, to all the artists, labels and DJ’s that we have worked with and that have been on the show! If you haven’t already checked out the Playlist, it stars all the content that has been featured on each episode.

Want to give a thanks to Sneaky Sound System, Benny Benassi, DJ Tigerlily, Morgan Joenel, Beau Walker, Flight Facilities and so many more people! We don’t just want to thank artists or DJ’s, a big thanks to Kelly who is the Brand Manager for Durex. Also remember that you can get your music video’s on the show with a simple email too, click right here to go to the “Submit Your Music” tab above. If you want to go back and watch the show again, start here.

DJ Central’s Playlist + Music + Recap + More!


Some new information has been added on the official DJ Central website! As every song has been played, the list of each track and which episode it was aired, will be introduced in the DJ Central Playlist! Click here to visit the website to check out all the cool new hits and your most loved songs!

This new playlist also adds in all the interviews that we have had previously. From the first Sneaky Sound System to the latest we have with Tokyo Denmark Sweden. Other interviews include with; Timomatic, Justice Crew, DJ Me, Havana Brown and much more! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with the crew, presenters, and all the latest with the show!


Aprille Love and Trent Pepercorn gets up close and personal with the electro funk masters, Sneaky Sound System!

Photography by Mark Lim