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DJ Sling K


DJ Sling K has always been passionate about music, when she moved to Sydney in the near ends of 2004 she attended a DJ course to begin her music career. In just three months she mastered beat mixing and wasted no time and started spreading her love music. Once Sling K finished her course learning to DJ around the ends of 2005 she entered a DJ competition at the Crows Nest Hotel. Although she only made it to the semi finals but was offered to come back and play as a guest DJ for once a month. Due to her popularity from the crowd, she has been doing regular gigs since. It was not long when she was spotted by a DJ agent and she was asked if she would want to collaborate with an all female DJ group called the “Audio Angels”, although the group only played for a year. Sling K played in various well known bars and lounges, she played in places like; The Roxy, Cruise bar, VBar, Golden Palace Hotel and more!

You can check out her music on her myspace! just browse and click away!!