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Deadmau5 drops another teaser

On the radio show that holds only the best and punchiest of the music scene, Deadmau5 took center stage on BBC Radio 1 to showcase another track from his anticipated, and highly documented album While (1<2).

The track, Seeya, was given a spin on the decks, and met with much praise, unfortunately, if you weren’t listening to the show, you can only get a snippet of the song below. They are yet to release the full interview.

Throw another spanner in the works, and while you have to wait until the 17th of June to get the album, if you pre-order it NOW, you will get a copy of his track Avarita instantly, and on the 27th of May you can get your hands on Seeya! So go, pre-order! Now! Do It!

Have a listen to the sampler below! It’s awesome! Full of funky and groovy beats to underlay the dreamy vocals of Colleen D’Agostino, it’s bound to be pumping out around clubs after it’s release!

source via yourEDM