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DJ DOC’s own Kim Chang Ryul hits a High Score Ever

Can you Believe it?! Kim Chang Ryul new high score

When you first take a look at this you don’t believe it! DJ DOC’s very own Kim Chang Ryul took a screen shot of what appears to be the highest score on Anipang EVER! But, not with a little help from a glitch or some sort of bug of cause.

Kim Chang Ryul posted the screen shot on Twitter on November the 11th, he goes to say;

What’s this? There was a bug that made the bomb continue over and over again. It kept saying ‘last pang’ and ended up being 16 million. This is a daebak score. Keke.”

His Twitter followers also followed by commenting requests of “Please teach me how you do it??” and “Nobody will be able to beat that score!”. I wonder if anybody will attempt to beat that score, which they will need help with more software bugs.