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Jay Z & JT Unleash ‘Holy Grail’ Duet

The time has come fellow music lovers! Raise your hands in the air and sing Hallelujah, for the Holy Grail duet has finally been released for everybody to hear…well, nearly everyone.

That’s right, the duet from Jay Z’s anticipated album Monte Carlo Holy Grail has just been released to download–only catch is that the song is only available for those who hold a Samsung Galaxy phone. One of the downfalls of having a music artist partnered with a technology company.

For the rest of the Iphone, HTC, or other phone users, you can listen to the full song on Youtube here. Judging by the comments on the Youtube site, there’s been a mix of reviews but one thing is for sure–Jay Z’s album will receive a lot of attention.

What do you think of the song? Do you think it’ll be a hit or miss? Let us know below!

Source: www.pedestrian.tv/news