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Pharrell’s music video ‘Happy’ = Anne Marsen’s video ‘Girls Walk/ All Day’? What do you think?

There’s a girl, Anne Marsen, dancer and actress from Brooklyn who made a video of her dancing in the streets of New York. One day she noticed a significant amount of similarities between her work and Pharrell’s day-long groove-a-thon. Then she created a video that pushes viewers to ask whether there is a connection between the two:

In 2011, Marsen starred in a 71-minute, Kickstarter-funded video called Girls Walk// All Girl Walk // All Day. Set to the music of Girl Talk’s free album All Day, the project showed her dancing freely around New York City, and it was SPIN’s No. 1 Most Innovative Video of the year. Like “24 Hours of Happy,” it’s an extended, spontaneous-looking dance piece set in public spaces. Nobody has a monopoly on that concept — especially where mash-up master Girl Talk is involved — but there are some similarities in settings, dance moves, clothing, and how the characters work the camera.

Pharrell’s uplifting G I R L hit and its extraordinary interactive video have become one of those rare cultural events that transcend the narrow audience of pop music fans and spill over into the broader discussion. The 24-hour clip and its edited version have inspired more than 1,000 re-makes. “Happy” has topped the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks; Pharrell has performed it at the Oscars and on Saturday Night Live.

“…It’s a great thing that dance is getting recognition as a long-form kind of thing, because we want to be making more projects that we’re dreaming up now that are in this form,” explains Marsen, in a interview whit Spin, “Yet at the same time we feel like we’re not getting the recognition for this.”

Unfortunately, a rep for Pharrell said neither the artist nor directing team We Are From L.A. had seen Girl Walk // All Day and that the “Happy” video is based on the film Despicable Me 2, which featured the song. We Are From L.A. and the video’s production company Iconoclast Interactive didn’t respond to emails.

Via spin.com