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Daft Punk Wins 5 Grammys

At he 56th annual Grammy awards, Daft Punk managed to secure 5 Grammy awards including album of the year with their fourth studio album “Random Access Memories.” It was a year with fierce competition with artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Lorde but the French electronic duo prevailed.

“Random Access Memories” was another great album from the duo that won them a long list of awards including; album and record of the year, best pop/group performance, best dance/electronica album and best engineered album. On the night they appeared typically disguised in their masks and performed an interesting version of “Get Lucky” which featured Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder.

Daft Punk Tops Dance Chart, Zedd Rises After GRAMMY Wins

Source: billboard

Fatboy Slim 30.04

Fatboy Slim praises Daft Punk

In a interview with Daily Star, Norman Cook – who we know as Fatboy Slim, has praised Daft Punk‘s latest work. He dubs them as ‘the last great dance music supergroup you’ll ever hear,’ and claims that all EDM artists, himself included, have, and will receive ‘a kick up the ass,’ from their 4th studio album.

He describes their work as “a breath of fresh old-school air,” and it is reported that he is putting the next Fatboy Slim album on hold to work with Random Access Memories collaborators.

Source: Dancingastronaut

Daft Punk20.04

Daft Punk – first official radio release !

Random Access Memories has gained an exceptional (yet deserving) amount of media attention… from a shockingly weird premiere location to fake songs being ‘leaked,’ Daft Punk has managed to headline new feeds and top twitter trends for weeks. Now, as if the world wasn’t excited enough, they have released their first album radio edit, available OFFICIALLY on itunes.

‘Get Lucky’ is simply a great track. Get it here