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Kaskade talks about “Ludicrous” L.A. Times Tale.



This week, the Los Angeles Times published an article linking a list of “drug-related medical emergencies” to big-ticket dance festivals in the U.S. like Electric Daisy Carnival, putting Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella and fellow L.A. promoter Reza Gerami in the spotlight. It’s little wonder, then, that the EDC head took to social media to voice his dissatisfaction with the editorial and issue a ‘call to action’ to festival-goers. “As part of their mission to twist facts to suit their sensational story, the L.A. Times treated the opinions of a few people as gospel, turned everyone who enjoys electronic music events into villains, and ignored anyone that did not agree with their biased opinion,” he wrote.

24 hours on, it’s not just the fans who’ve been come to Rotella’s defence. Mainstage regular Kaskade has taken to his ever-active blog to deride the L.A. Times article, describing it as “essentially an inflammatory pummeling of the EDM scene”. It’s certainly a passionate post from a man who’s never afraid to air his opinion. “I am dug in so deep that articles like this one, smacking of uninformed bigotry fire me up in a pretty passionate way”, the post reads. “To assign responsibility of regulating drug use to concert promoters is ludicrous, in the extreme. To paint a picture (bordering on hysteria) of a community of people as capricious and reckless drug users is irresponsible.”

“I wouldn’t dare say we ignore the tragic accidents that happen,” the US native, who’s spoken out in the past about the dangers of drug use, continues. “I wouldn’t dare say they don’t happen. But it takes a rudimentary understanding of the Basic Laws of Probability to guess that the more people that show up to these festivals, the larger the risk is that something goes awry. This isn’t unique to this music. This is a universal principle. Can we hope to avoid it? Absolutely. Can we take every precaution and security measure to hedge the odds? Definitely. But can the promoter be held responsible for the actions of the individuals at his events? No he can not.”

“Our audience is intelligent and kind, discriminating only in regards to which sound they like best,” Kaskade concludes. “Our audience is unprecedented in their drive to proactively support each other. There’s your story, LA Times. Do the world a favor and dig into that for a change, punks.” Read the full thing over here.

– ZEDS DEAD 5 Pointers for Producers –


Canada’s biggest electronic dance music duo ZEDS DEAD have some great tips and tricks for producers. They were kind enough to share what they think are the top 5 most important pointers and tips to being a producer! Thanks to InTheMix with the exclusive and also, of cause ZEDS DEAD for giving the tips….click here to see the full scoop from the website. Check out their official YouTube as well to watch all their tracks and stay up to date. Below is their currently featured video on YouTube.


Avicii x You – Break + Voting


Avicii’s work is almost complete, and you have the power! That’s the power to vote…. If you haven’t uploaded your “Break” for the track, you just missed you on the deadline, but the voting is still open to vote for your favourite Beat/Rhythm. Click here to check them out and vote for the one you want. Be sure to log in first and remember you can only vote once, so choose wisely. The track is coming along great, have a listen to be down below (not the finished product) and tell us what you think of it. If you entered and would like people to vote for your track, leave a link in the comment section. Best of luck to those who have entered!


Above & Beyond Australia Tour



Totem OneLove Group, Hardware, Kabuki and Anjunabeats are pleased to announce that Above & Beyond’s ongoing world tour will be hitting Australian shores this Summer – with support from Anjunabeats stars Andrew Bayer and Norin & Rad. With immersive visuals, live messaging and unparalleled production values, Above & Beyond will be bringing their famed and memorable DJ experience to 6 major cities around the country. Taking fans on a journey of epic proportions, Above & Beyond will showcase their latest productions, as well as exclusive material from their forthcoming Anjunabeats Volume 10 compilation. Supporting them will be the musical genius that is Andrew Bayer, plus A&B’s breakthrough DJ/ Producers of 2011, Norin and Rad.

Jono said “We always look forward to touring Australia and this time we’re super excited to be bringing two of the most exciting acts on our label in Bruce and Nick aka Norin & Rad, and Andrew Bayer”.

Sat 26 Jan – Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre
Sun 27 Jan – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Sat 2 Feb – Hisense Arena, Melbourne
*Ticketek is selling for the above venues only.

Please note this event is an 18+ only. ID will be required upon entry. For more information please click here.


Preview Audien’s – “Leaving You”


Rising progressive trance producer Audien is wasting no time after the successful release of “Wayfarer” and is already back with a preview of his follow up effort. Audien — real name Nate Rathbun — presents “Leaving You,” another display of studio talent accompanied by a catchy vocal by singer/songwriter Michael S. Proving versatility this time around, the 21-year-old’s latest offering shies away complete intensity and makes way for lengthier melodic builds. “Leaving You” comes with a lighter, feel-good vibe fit for summer — only we will be graced with the release months earlier on February 4th. Below is the preview, so check it out and let us know what


The Life of a Young Producer – Winner at the BMI Pop Awards 2012


A short documentary of Grammy Winner songwriter & producer Benny Blanco, the man behind so many hit songs from artists Rihanna (Diamonds), Taio Cruz (Dynamite), Ke$sha (Tik Tok) and Katy Perry (California Girls) – just to name a few. Each of these songs have reached number #1 on a billboard somewhere in the world, and they are all from one man.

Watch the video below to see the life of Benny, working with other artists, his views and creative styles on working on tracks, his thoughts of whats next, and how he works. Remember that he is still very young, aged only 24.  Let us know what you liked most of Benny Blanco? Maybe its the way he works, or maybe its his views on working with artists. This is also inspiring for young producers trying to make it out there so they can do this as a full time job.