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Arty Drops Remix Of Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted” – Coming To A Dance Floor Near You

Russian DJ Arty has released a dance floor ready remix of Porter Robinson’s track  “Lionhearted” after dropping the track into his Electronic Daisy Carnival set last weekend in Vegas.

Porter Robinson has stated that his upcoming release “Worlds” will display a shift in style in comparison to previous work, which  is not suited for the EDM dance floor. Don’t worry, that hasn’t stopped Arty from working his magic to enhance  the original tracks’ builds and breakdowns, allowing us to check out Robinson’s new sound whilst still being able to dance along.

Arty first garnered attention when his single “Bliss” appeared on “A State Of Trance” with Armin van Buuren in early 2010, His breakthrough coming later that year when Above & Beyond signed him on their label Anjunabeats.

With support from pals like Skrillex, Avicii and Tiesto, Arty is a rising star to watch.

Listen to his remix of Lionhearted below and let us know what you think!

Source via:Inthemix

Porter Robinson and is ‘Hottest Record In The World Right Now’.

Porter Robinson is delivering to us a real gem, the euphoric, swelling Lionhearted, a team-up with Swedish outfit Urban Cone.

On his BBC Radio 1 show, Zane Lowe bestowed Lionheart with his coveted tag of ‘The Hottest Record In The World Right Now’. As much as Robinson has pitched Worlds as a departure from main stage sounds, this one has all the hallmarks of a summer anthem.

The track is sure to be a highlight of Robinson’s shows across North America this fall. Shortly after the August 12 release of Worlds on Astralwerks, the production wunderkind will set out on a 40-date trek, beginning in Vancouver and winding to a close in Miami.

About the live shows to come, Robinson reveals “I plan to be doing all originals, kind of like a career-spanning, mash-up, multi-tracked, sample-triggering live show”. “I don’t want to copy his set-up, but watching Flume’s show, where he’s triggering samples – a lot of that stuff inspires me and gives me ideas. I want to do something different, for sure.”

Listen Lionhearted:

Via Source inthemix.com.au

Porter Robinson’s debut LP features a magical robot love story

The magical new single Sad Machine from the electro house producer Porter Robinson is a whimsical love story between him and a girl robot.

Robinson spices things up by featuring his own vocals on the track. They add a level of intimacy to the track, and reverberate throughout the whole LP.

The producer’s debut LP, Worlds is set to drop on the 12th of August. Now before you wet yourself with anticipation, you can settle those nerves down to secure your copy by pre-ordering it from his website.

He says that he doesn’t want the LP to just be a slush of club bangers, but more of a romance between a lonely robot girl and a human boy.

The track is an eerie and beautiful mix, focusing on a simplistic rendition of the interplay between the robot and human romance.

This is what Robinson has to say about Sad Machine:

“I’d used Vocaloid as the vocals for several of the songs on Worlds, and then the idea of a duet between a lonely robot girl and the human boy who encounters her occurred to me. I didn’t have much time before I had to turn in the entire album, so I just sang the male parts. I wanted something that felt distantly sad, a little cute, surreal, hopeful, and maybe somehow evocative of fiction?”

Robinson told Billboard about the track. “It’s also peppered with cheap little general-midi interludes that sound like N64 games or old PC games. Those are so nostalgic to me and they really helped the whole thing feel all fantastical and fictional.”

Have a listen below:

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MTV Australia and YourEDM 

The Line Up is Phat As Butter!

Newcastle have really pulled out the big guns in this years Foreshores ‘Fat as Butter’ Festival.

The festival is hoping to be packed out on October 26th, and now is offering an 2-day camping ticket for ann extended price. The camping is described as “bounded by beaches, the harbour and accompanied by a ferry ride into the event precinct.”

This year Americans Gym Class Heroes and Aussie trio Bliss N Eso will be headlining the event.

The festival is infamously known for Flo rida refusing to perform in 2011 but since then the festival has ran flawlessly with audiences of over 11,000 people enjoying the day in Newcastle.

2013 LINE UP:

  • Gym Class Heroes
  • Bliss N Eso
  • Matt Corby
  • Boy & Bear
  • Porter Robinson
  • Digitalism [DJ Set]
  • Booka Shade [DJ Set]
  • Mickey Avalon
  • Bombs Away [Live]
  • British India
  • The Aston Shuffle DJs
  • Cosmo Jarvis
  • Owl Eyes
  • Gold Fields Djs
  • Spit Syndicate
  • The Holidays
  • Peking Duk
  • The M – Machine
  • Dialectrix
  • Battleships
  • Willow Beats

Tickets go on sale this Thursday!

source: Faster Louder

Porter Robinson is the king of gigs-gone-wrong


Porter Robinson has already had his fair share of bad gigs (as reported by inthemix,) but his latest definitely takes the cake.

Porter headlined the Santa Barabra Matador Music Festival three days ago, and was due to finish his set about 1130pm. However, the police had cut him 35 minutes short & attempted to take his gear as evidence of ‘inciting a riot.’

Here is the account “The cops cut me 35 minutes short and shut down this show halfway through Language. Really sorry to everyone to paid to see this show”, the always level-headed producer began via twitter. “I got on the mic and said“ guys, the cops are shutting us down in 5 minutes. Gonna play Language. Don’t get mad, stay positive. The cops cut the power two minutes after that, claiming that I was ‘inciting a riot’ by explaining the situation to the crowd. The sheriff told me he was going to arrest me and seize all of my equipment ‘as evidence’. Vindictive tyrant is embarrassed about the truth”.

Porter finished off his explanation with a simple statement ‘The police are not on your side.’ 

Source: inthemix.com.au