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Do you want to see something scary? watch Die Antwoord Video

Overnight, heroes Ninja and Yo-Landi dropped the video for Pitbull Terrier, the second single to come from their forthcoming third album

While their surreal appearance and music style was originally observed by some as a joke, the duo’s career has been established with every brutal, nightmarish and often controversial music video they’ve released, racking up tens of millions of views since they formed in 2008. The rave rap duo, have lost none of their viral appeal since their last album, posting the new video

Directed by Ninja himself, the Pitbull Terrier clip sees Die Antwoord’s leading man in terrifying pitbull prosthetics, on all fours and mauling passers-by. There’s blood, there’s goat heads on a stick and there’s a suitably creepy, underwear-clad Yo-Landi spitting in Ninja’s mouth

Die Antwoord will make their only UK festival appearance at Reading and Leeds this year.

Look at the video yourself:

Via Source theguardian.com