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Future Music Festival movie!

While all of Australia has either been to Future Music Festival or has witnessed part of it through some form of communication, FMF Asia has deemed is necessary to do a festival Aftermovie! To any young party-goer, this mini-film is the ultimate way to either re-live your festival experience, or catch up on what you missed out on this summer.

Have a listen and a party to the official aftermovie below:



30 of the best House songs… all in 3 minutes!

Defected Records have managed to Cram thirty of the world’s favourite house song’s into a pumping three minutes mix, dubbed ‘For The Love of House.’ Great for both partying AND educational purposes, the mixtape takes you on a journey of House music’s best, from the beginning right through til’ the end.

If you are a fan of some duuurty duuurty house beats, then i recommend you get your hands all over this!


Upcoming Event; IQON

If you are into dance music, this upcoming Australian festival is one that CAN’T be missed. In response to the success of Defqon & hardstyle dance music’s rapidly growing horde of followers, IQON was released.

Located at the Sydney international Dragway, the venue will be packed out with an insane team of headliners.

It’s coming up quickly so be sure to secure your spot!


Source: inthemix.com.au

Frenssu making some noise

French artist Frenssu has a few recent releases that has resulted in him being deemed as ‘the best kept secret in dance’ and his latest, Damare! Is no exception.  If this fun track is anthing to go by, this artist could be making big waves in the industry scene in no time.