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Spotify Hits ‘Delete’ On Silent Album

Indie band, Vulfpeck, have had the ingenious idea to release an entire album of silence on their Spotify account.

The album, Sleepify, consists of 10 silent tracks all lasting for about 30 seconds each, all of these songs are completely silent.

Vulfpeck packaged the concept to their fans via a youtube video, saying, “never has it been so easy to support a band.” The band asked their small but loyal fan base to hit play on their album as much as possible, so they could pool the money together ($0.005 per play) to do a free tour around America, hitting the places where their album was played the most.

This scheme racked up a whopping $20,000, from approximately 4 million plays.

Spotify, wasn’t too happy about this and pulled the album off the program, saying it was a breach of their terms and conditions and that they weren’t too impressed with the creative composition of it:

“This is a clever stunt, but we prefer Vulpeck’s earlier albums,” said Spotify spokesman Graham James. “’Sleepify’ seems derivative of John Cage’s work.”

Vulfpeck returned fire, uploading another album titled Official Statement.

The tracks on this album aren’t all silent, the first,  #Hurt is keyboardist Jack Stratton explaining the situation, track number 2 #Reflect is 31 seconds of silence, while the third and final track is Parted Sea (Strong Pesach), an instrumental.

Spotify is yet to retaliate, and it is unclear at this point whether Vulfpeck will get their payout or not.

Check out the band’s video here:

Source Via Pedestrian TV and CNN