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James Blake Reveals Dark New Track

James Blake let slip last month that his new album was halfway done and this month he has dropped a new track on BBC One.

Appearing on Jamie xx, his good friends, show last Wednesday night he debuted the track, without so much as a word to whether it would appear on the yet to be released album. The track is much darker then Blake’s previous releases with a sample heavy cut intrumental piece.

Collaborations, such as David Bowie and Disclosure who appeared on the Mercury Prize winning Overgrown last year, are all speculation at the present however Blake has been working on a follow up with Fall Creek Boys Choir collaborator Justin Vernon and working with Kanye West on a intermittent basis. He has also given word to a third collaborator who has been kept in the dark.

Check out a rip of the track here:


#SELFIE given a face lift

Botnek saves us from the most hated track this winter!

The Canadian duo, Botnek, have come to the rescue, making an awesome mix of the chainsmokers #selfie. The song that promises to ruin you holidays, get stuck inside your head and destroy friendships has finally been given a face life.The insufferable, #selfie, was funny at first, but it has been taken too far, played too many times and used for too many hilarious vine clips.

They utilize their stylistic energetic and electrifying kick to re-dubb the annoying version into an actual dance track.The track is punchy and synthetic, with the bass drop building up to the original tracks’ punch line and putting the best twist on it: “but first…..shut the f*ck up!” and the raving beats are sweet and bouncy. This remix is definitely the only one we can stomach. It has truly allowed us to tolerate the infuriating #selfie when played in clubs!

Have a listen, and let us know what you think about the remix in the comments below!

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Return of the Bag Raider

We haven’t heard anything from the groovy duo, Bag Raiders, since 2012. And now the drought has been graced with a splendorous downfall of summer rain. They have released a new single, with the announcement of a new EP underway! The latest EP, titled  Nairobi/Savannah will have four brand spanking new tracks, fresh out of the recording studio. And we are lucky enough to be given a new mix to stream for free with a release of one of those tracks!  ‘Nairobi’ has been released for our listening pleasure!

This funky little tune is layered with weird and creative percussion sounds, creating a tropical summer vibe, ready to chill out and party too. The track also has undertones of mystical vibes that create an electronic euphoria. This playful mix will keep that booty shakin’ all night long. The atmospheric jungle of synths and samples is creative and quirky, introducing new instruments and rhythms Bag Raiders haven’t used before.

This new style from the Bag Raiders is definitely a crowd pleaser with us at DJ Central,|Have a listen and let us know what you think about this groovy new sound!

Nairobi/Savannah drops on the 4th of July through Modular Recordings

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Kite String Tangle and Adventure Club new re-remix

The original collaboration of the Kite String Tangle and Adventure Club Wonder has been re-remixed by the Kite String Tangle producer Danny Harley, for a more chill vibe, to say the least. The atmospheric vibe and dream like sounds of Wonder will leave you drooling all over your keyboard.

Originally only on guest vocals, the Kite String Tangle added a whole new dimension to the song it didn’t have before. The original being described as “the most emotional song on Adventure Club’s Calling All Heroes EP” by MTV’s Buzzworthy, The original solid base line and dub step beats are re-imagined into a more sensuous version, taking the track to the highest level of chill.

With the recent reviews of the Kite String Tangles outstanding performance at Groovin The Moo, it’s no suprise fans will have high expectations of their set in the upcoming Splendour In The Grass festival in July! In the meantime, you can listen to their infectious re-remix below:

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